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There are few experiences more powerful than a close circle of like-minded peers facing the journey of life together.  We work in a circle format, because this form generates connections to ourselves and others that encourage creativity and courage.  Together we'll engage in exercises and activities designed to lead toward purpose driven action.  Unlike typical goal setting, our aim is to share a set of tools that will support you in manifesting what matters most to you in all aspects of your life.  We hope that what we share will get you into action, will deepen your sense of meaning, and help you feel more integrated -- and less like a push-pull between different areas in your life.

Together we will explore our dreams, discover our daring edge, and create meaningful connections that will ignite our courage.  Shine On Collaborative has designed tools that will help you play, improvise, innovate, and explore.  In the course of the eight sessions, each circle member will design and step into their own personal dare.  We will cheer each other on and learn together what it means to craft a life that is connected, creative and courageous.

Join our Shine On Circle program and experience the growth and support that can only be found within community!


Option One: Join a Shine On Circle. 

Circles are composed of a small group of women (usually 6-10), matched by their similar goals and/or stage of life. Meetings are held every 1-2 weeks for a total of 8 sessions, and are facilitated by experienced leaders trained to draw out the best from the group and the individuals in it.  

To learn more about our Shine On Circles, contact Kirsten Romer at

Option Two: Build Your Own Shine On Circle.  

These circles are designed for groups with established friendships (imagine taking your book club to a whole new level!).  Or, perhaps you would like to bring together an amazing group of women who you know and may or may not know one another.  We can customize our Shine On circle format to meet the specific needs of your group.  

To learn more about Custom Shine On Circles, contact Kirsten Romer at, or click here.