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Shedding what we no longer need

Laurel Holman


At this time of the year in the Bay Area, the fiery trees of autumn are shedding their leaves, giving way to the bare limbs of winter. It's sad, in a way. Until you remember that this process is necessary to make way for new growth in the spring. Brave pink buds and fresh green leaves are just around the corner. In that light, the bare branches of winter start to look strong, and smart. They are calmly doing what’s needed to prepare for the new growth of next season.

What if this applies to people too? Are there times when we need to shed something from our lives? From our hearts or our thoughts? Or even just our schedules? To make way for something fresh, brave and new to flourish in the next season? 

Winter is the perfect time of year to think about it. What ideas, curiosities, inklings and fascinations are hibernating inside of you, which might just break forth if given the space that only comes when we shed whatever is holding us back?

As we head into the darkest days of the year, may you find the courage to shed what you no longer need. And may you find the rest and renewal you will need to shine brightly in the season to come.