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Our Name Change

Cristina Spencer

From Impact Guild to Shine On Collaborative!

Why we changed our name.

Dear Friends,

We hope that this Fall finds you well.  Just about a year ago, we launched our coaching partnership at our November Playing Big Event with Tara Mohr.  We called it Impact Guild.

Over the past year we have immersed ourselves in coaching and developing our coaching philosophy.  Many of you have experienced our circles, attended our workshops or joined us at a meet up.  In addition, a year of experience has transpired.  As mothers, as friends, as community members we have seen highs and lows.  We’ve felt deeply into what we hope for in our own lives and what we hope for in our community and in our culture.

The more we sat with it, and felt into our vision, we realized that Impact Guild as a name did not quite fit.  Rather than focus on outer results, or impact, we learned that we are at our best as coaches when we help our clients cultivate a robust relationship to their own strengths, inklings, and fascinations.  We see most movement, not when our clients imagine impact, but when they listen deeply to what is true for them, and when they share those truths with others.  

In those moments a bit of inner light is revealed.  In the presence of kindness and curiosity that light is reflected.  In those moments we see our clients shine.

Shine: to be bright with reflected light; glisten; sparkle; to be or appear unusually animated or bright

It is a simple process that is born of authentic connection, and despite it’s simplicity, it sparkles with a kind of magic.  With this learning we decided we needed a new name, which we’re sharing with you today.

May we introduce to you our new name:

Shine On Collaborative

It’s the same people goodness you knew as Impact Guild, layered with new learning, new events, and glimmering with programs designed to help you shine in all that you do.  

Coming up over the next few months we have so many opportunities we want to share with you! Keep an eye out here, on our new website, which is constantly updated with our upcoming events. Or, subscribe by email to receive email notifications of our news and upcoming events and workshops.

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