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About Us

Shine On Collaborative emboldens women to unleash their gifts, bringing purpose and creativity into their lives and the world.



Meet Our Team!


Kirsten Romer is a Leadership Coach, Facilitator, and Co-founder.  In her coaching, Kirsten is a trusted thought-partner who challenges her clients to live vibrantly and lead with purpose. Clients describe her as compassionate, fiercely committed, and uniquely able to ignite fresh thinking. Kirsten’s early vision for Shine On Collaborative came from a deep belief in the power of women’s circles and a desire to help women craft meaningful lives that are connected, creative and that have a positive impact. Kirsten recently joined the Stanford Graduate School of Business Women in Management facilitator team.  Prior to coaching, Kirsten held senior leadership roles in finance and nonprofit organizations running marketing, building alliances, cultivating CXO-relationships and overseeing public and media relations. She has an MLA from Stanford University and a degree in East Asian Languages from Arizona State University. To contact Kirsten directly, email or click here.

Cristina Spencer is a published writer, Co-Active Coach, Co-founder, and Certified Lifecycle Celebrant living in Palo Alto, CA.  She blogs at  As a Coach and Celebrant, Cristina is inspires women to draw on their own core values to craft lives that are nourishing and resonate with the greater good.  Her writing has appeared in national print magazines, literary journals, and on blogs.  She coaches writers, artists, and moms who want to deepen their creative practice and is the author of the newly released book Writing Your Wedding Ceremony:  A Simple Guide for Modern Couples.  She is trained to teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and holds her degree in Women's Studies from Harvard University. To contact Cristina directly, email or click here.


Laurel Holman is a writer, facilitator, coach, and marketing executive with nearly 20 years of senior leadership experience at companies like Intuit (makers of Quickbooks and Turbotax), and Colgate-Palmolve. After a year-long sabbatical in 2012-13 which changed her life, Laurel now divides her time between her writing (she is working on a novel), and her work with Shine On Collaborative, which brings together her talent for coaching and managing teams with her passion for helping people create a more creative and fulfilling life for themselves and their families. Laurel is deeply interested in the practices and routines that cultivate curiosity, creativity, connection, and resilience. She has an MBA from Duke University and an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Communications from Stanford University. She lives in California with her husband and two children. To contact Laurel directly, email or click here.


What To Expect


  • Individuals seeking support and inspiration in their personal journey.

  • Organizations seeking practical, high-impact workshops for their events.

  • Corporations seeking to empower and retain the women in their workforce.


  • Bring communities together. The learning is richer when we are not alone.

  • Feature meaningful conversations, fresh learning and fun.

  • Teach practical skills that can be applied right away.

  • Engage with active participation. No passive observers allowed!


We’d love to work with you!

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